Who really are you?
A traveler or tourist?

Get rid of all those cultural and traditional insults, language barriers, local transportation, and where-to-eat issues. And explore cities without any fear, because a localite knows everything!

We do not tell you what to explore, we explore with you!

Travel loosely, but spend wisely!

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How we're helping travelers?

Be a traveler, not a tourist.

1. Find a localite

It is as easy as entering the city you want to meet people in and then connecting with them! Our platform will show you thousands of localites, whose profiles you can check before requesting to meet them!

2. Send a trip request

Once you feel like you have found the perfect match, it is time to send a trip request! For this, you will need to provide where you’re going (from and to), the number of travelers there will be, and some information about you and why you have requested to take a trip with this localite!

3. Chat and decide

Once the localite accepts your trip request, you can chat in real-time on our plaform and decide when and where to meet; without sharing your contact information. We recommend not to share contact information unless you feel safe.

4. Pay offline

You do not need to make a payment using localites, you make your payment offline. You and the localite can decide the amount and when you pay it. We suggest you discuss payments on the first time you meet or when the trip has been completed.

5. Stay with localites

On Localites you can find people who would like to host you at their places. Stay with locals to know how a local family experiences the day-to-day life.

6. Find localites who can pick-up you

People would love to meet you and take you through their cities even from your point of arrival. Apply filters in the search to look for those who can pick-up you. It really makes traveling easy!

7. Leave a reference

Did everything go great? Make sure you leave a reference! References are vital to the community, as other people in the community can view them and decide if they might want to connect with the same localite as you did.

8. Travel and create memories

What you'll take back in the end are memories and friends you make during travel. So everything went well, go and explore the city with your new friend. Have a safe trip!

What our localites say?

Hear from community members...

Why Localites?

Because nowhere else you can travel and earn.

Experience cities with natives or residents

Localites is a user friendly platform designed to help travelers. The aim is to ensure travelers are making new connections, seeing hidden gems around the world and essentially enabling people to travel for free! As it is a worldwide platform, we are able to help facilitate travel all over the world.

We don't share your information

Our team is dedicated to the user-friendly experience and ensures that everyone on the app is as safe as can be. Your contact information will never be shared with anyone. So, you are always fully protected from our side. If you want to share your information, you are free to share.

Create an alternative income source

You can utilize the time you would normally use watching Netflix or sitting at home by meeting new people, showing them your city and filling your pocket with money! Don't depend on one income source to survive in this expensive world.

Travel and earn on your terms

It is also important to note that you can work/socialise on your terms! If you are busy or can’t accept trip requests for some reason, all you have to do is change your status to ‘Not Accepting Trip Requests’. It is totally up to you!

Travel agents are strictly not allowed

Most travel agents just want our money and that's why we strictly do not allow any travel agent (who wants to use this platform for commercial purposes; we're fine if you want to join as an individual) or company to sign-in or use our platform.

Every profile goes through human eyes

Communities grow when there are genuine human beings involved in it. Localites is all about people. Our team carefully look at every profile we receive. If we suspect any activity which is against our community guidelines, we act immediately.

Non-community members cannot browse

We make sure that no one can browse your profile unless he/she is a part of the community because we know it matters to you and so to us.