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How it works?

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Switch to any location or city

Once you're a part of the community, click on the icon from the home screen to use askAnything. To be a part of the community, please download the community app and complete your profile.

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Ask for help, suggestions, or anything

Click on the icon to ask people of the location or city you switched above and hear from them.

Enter your question and add more details for a better explaination.



Explore. Upvote. Reply.

Being a part of the community allows you to access askAnything globally. You can explore posts of any location or city and upvote or write a reply (if the questioner has not turned off replies).



Write a reply. Real-time.

Help everyone in the community by writing a reply to their posts if you know the answer quite well.

Please follow the asking guidelines to keep this community clean and authentic place.




Stay tuned to posts. You receive a notification every time whenever someone writes a reply on your post or a post you're following.

If you do not want to receive more replies, simply turn off replies.



Your askAnything history

localites keeps a history of all your posts on behalf of you so that you can re-visit your posts quickly whenever you want.


Please follow the asking guidelines while using askAnything.

Please do

Keep it civil

Always strive to add value to every question/query you participate in

Ask questions, doubts, confusions, suggestions; (what, when, why, how, who, where, which, etc.)

Participate in questions only if you know answers very well; don't write assumptions to create conflicts in the mind of the questioner

Respect everyone in the community and their questions; it doesn't matter what the level of question is as long as the questioner needs help

Do report if you find anything which does not follow these guidelines or against it

Answer only if you from the location or city of question has been asked for or know it quite well

Please do not

Promote hate speech or flaming

Spam, just no; if detected, your account will be disabled permanently

Commercial promotions; if detected, your account will be disabled permanently

Use abusive language; if reported, your account will be disabled permanently

If your post or reply reaches 10 reports, it'll be removed automatically.