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Please take some time and go through the guide of how to use the Localites app to have better clarity about the community.

localites-android-app   localites-ios-app

How to use Localites?


Download the app from Google Play or App Store

You can't fly without wings, right? So if you have an iPhone, click on the App Store icon else if you use an Android device, click on the Google Play icon to download the app.

localites-android-app   localites-ios-app


with Facebook or Google

Once you've downloaded the app, sign-in to the app with Facebook or Google. For security reasons, we do not allow the custom sign-up process.


Complete your profile in the app

Once you've signed-in, you will reach the home screen where you will see your profile icon or a placeholder user icon. Click on that to view your profile. On your profile screen, you'll see an edit icon. Click on that and follow steps.


Enter the city you're heading

Once you've completed your profile with all information, go back to home and enter the city you're heading next and choose it from the locations it shows below.


Choose a localite and send the trip request

Choose a localite from the list you'll see and send the trip request with all details it asks including your arrival, departure, the number of travelers, about you, and your interests. Then click on the send icon at the top of the trip details screen.


Chat and decide

Once your request has been accepted by the localite, you can now chat with the localite and decide on your own. We recommend that do not share any personal or contact information until you both meet.


Write a reference

Once the trip is complete, make sure to write a reference about the localite you've traveled with to support the community and do ask the localite to write a reference for you.


Set status to 'Accepting Trip Requests'

If you're in your home city or the city you know quite well, set your profile status to 'Accepting Trip Requests' to receive trip requests from travelers visiting your city and travel and earn.


Send offers to travelers

From the app, you can send offers to travelers visiting your city. Make sure that you've completed your profile with all details and photos. Also, offers from verified localites get accepted frequent than regular localites!


Invite friends to win Free Contact Credits (FCC)

As you invite a friend to the community and once he or she completes the profile, you win 5 FCC which you can use to connect with localites from any city in the world freely!