Travel the real world.
It's not about WHAT, it's all about HOW!

We are building a global community where everybody is welcome and everybody is valued.

Be a part of the global community of localites from more than 130 countries and experience local culture, traditions, langauges, food, and explore something unexplored to make your travel worthy!

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Who we are?

Travelers when we travel and localites, when we're home.


We strive to transform the way world travel today by providing more thrilling local life experiences from locals


To build world's largest community of localites

Travel has a lot to offer, if you are a true seeker!

Localites is building the world’s largest community of travelers and natives. The community already has members from 130+ countries and counting. The platform provides travelers an opportunity to connect with the native or local people who could show them around, help plan itineraries and much more. Localites emphasize travelers to have many fulfilling experiences by visiting, eating, staying, exploring and feeling like a localite and not just a tourist.

For the locals and natives, Localites provide an economic opportunity while also building long-lasting connections with travelers.

We would be happy to have you! Join us and be a special part of the community!

We're easily reachable via [hello at localites dot co].

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