How well you know the Venice of the North, Amsterdam?

Explore something unexplored with the local people of Amsterdam and make your travel worthy!

What you know about Amsterdam is everybody knows. But what the localites of Amsterdam know about it, nobody knows!

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let's take a local walk to Amsterdam

explore something unexplored with the local people of Amsterdam



Hidden houses

You might click great pictures for your Instagram profile in any street of the Amsterdam because every street in this city is gorgeous. But what you must explore is these little tiny hidden houses. These houses were installed in a crack of a wall as a joke in reference to the closed-up courtyard, but they’re delightful and difficult to find. It’s a small delight.

There are people from Amsterdam who can help and take you to some of the greatest hidden spots of Amsterdam and make you feel more connected to this city.




Besides the fact that the location is gorgeous, it’s along the Prinsengracht and on the edge of the Jordaan, its a lovely spot to spend a Monday or Saturday morning. It’s known for its flea market and Farmers market and happens on Mondays and Saturdays only.

MMake sure to eat only at some of the well-known spots in this market. You may find more about where-to-eat with the people from Amsterdam in the community.




Mediamatic is a cultural institution where science, art, technology and culture meet. This spot, along the water nearby Central Station, is gorgeous, in both summer (for outdoor dining) and winter. The restaurant is an old greenhouse. And they are green through and through here: they offer fascinating events and workshops, for example, how to grow your own fungi or how to produce food in a city with aquaponics.

The location is absolutely amazing and thrilling. You would surely fall in love with the ambiance! Do check it out.



A train ride to Naarden

This is a small town 25km from the main Amsterdam city, but the ride to the town is damn worth! It is one of the unuqie towns in Holland.

The buildings in this town, founded in 1300, are clustered in a large circle, surrounded by gigantic green "lance" tips that extend into a moat. This configuration is known as a star fortress. Aerial views of the layout are awesome! Home of the Netherlands Fortress Museum, Naarden also is famous for its textile industry and Bach’s St. Mathews Passion on Good Friday.



Amsterdam Roots Festival

If you're in Amsterdam in July, you must experience this festival!

Amsterdam Roots Festival is a leading, international, multidisciplinary festival that spans the course of several days. The festival introduces exceptional and current music styles as well as other disciplines, like circus, dance, spoken word and film.

Amsterdam Roots Festival presents international artists that you rarely see in the Netherlands, combined with young, up-and-coming talent. Amsterdam Roots shows the different faces of our global society through this fascinating diversity.


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