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The Appian Way

Known as the queen of all roads, the Appian Way goes all the way to southern Italian Puglia region (Apulia). It's a huge road, but ome of the highlights are the Catacombs of St. Callixtus, St. Sebastian and St. Domitilla, the Caffarella Park, the Tomb of Caecilia Metella and some well-preserved Roman aqueducts.

Get in touch or hire a localite from Rome to explore it about get to know where to eat and chill in Rome, Italy.



Street Art at Rome’s Quadraro

Counting almost 3,000 years under its belt, sightseeing Rome doesn’t only imply travelling back to BC times. Get off at Porta Furba/Quadraro station along metro line A and you will find yourself immersed in a burst of colours.

Artists of the likes of Diavù (native from the area and founder of this street art project), Alice Pasquini, Beau Stanton, Dilkabear, Zelda Bomba and Gio Pistone have taken part in this project and managed to revamp this otherwise pretty uneventful neighbourhood that never really attracted visitors.



Villa Torlonia and Mussolini’s Bunker

Enjoy a stroll in this lovely park located some 2 km from Porta Pia, visit the Liberty-style Casina delle Civette, or House of the Owls, have a bite at the restaurants and let your kids play at the local playground Technotown, a space devoted to the new technologies.

Spend some valuable time with your family and create memories at less touristic places.

PS: Make sure to carry a water bottle, just in case you need. More you can find with localites from Rome to know about it.



Rigatoni Carbonara

Well, it's not a place. It's a dish, if you are a foodie.

True Roman Carbonara is an art form. Impossibly creamy (with not a spot of cream in sight), this rich Roman sauce is one of those dishes you dream about for years to come. In my humble opinion, rigatoni carbonara is a must try food in Rome.

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The International Horse Show

Well, again, this is not a place but a festival of Rome.

In Rome it is a time for horse lovers to congregate, take part in equestrian classes, show off their show-jumping skills and sip on wine at exclusive parties.

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