How well you know this beautiful island, Bali?

Explore something unexplored with the local people of Bali and make your travel worthy!

What you know about Bali is everybody knows. But what the localites of Bali know about it, nobody knows!

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let's take a local walk to Bali

explore something unexplored with the local people of Bali



People of Penglipuran Village

There's no doubt that you won't think of sunsets, sunrises, beaches, romance, and villas when it comes to Bali. But we want you to think of something else. Something un or less explored, but extraordinary rich culture, traditions, rituals, lives, humanity, and different beliefs.

It's not an ordinary village. It's a village where the people uphold ancient traditional values and a set of strict moral codes.

There are people from this village on localites who offers delighted stay, experiences, and foods to travelers who want to experience the true essense of tradition in Bali.



Jatiluwih Village

The landscape was once a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site candidate, well-maintained by subak, a traditional water management cooperative dating back to the 9th century.

It's well known for its wonderful expanses of green rice terraces. These terraces pretty much cover the whole region, and the cool highlands and breathtaking scenery make for a soothing retreat with great photo opportunities, far away from the crowds.



Nasi Ayam

Well, it's not a place, it's a dish which we think you shouldn't miss during your trip to Bali. People in any village or known spots can help you where to find the bestest Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur.

If you try it with any road side food vendor, it might drops the quality and taste it holds. So let localites from Bali help you in finding the right spot to eat it.

The name of the dish is Nasi Ayam And Nasi Campur. Ingredients includes white rice Balinese spices meat (duck/pork/chicken) and mixed vegetables spicy sambal matah.



Lives of tribal people

This world will become boring if there were not different kinds of humans. We all are humans, but with uniqueness and pattern of living our lives.

Tribal people plays an important role in keeping the glory of Bali alive. If you complete your trip without visiting tribal people and hearing their stories, it's not worth at all.

Let's hear stories and share stories because stories have the power of changing the world. Get in touch with a localite from Bali who can take you to the real tribal people and make your trip worthy.




Amed is a newbie compared to Seminyak and Denpasar. There are some beautiful black beaches here, and some world-class diving sites that you can explore.

There are people from this town on localites who offers delighted stay and food to travelers who wants to experience the true essense of tradition in Bali and climb up Pura Lembuyang, a traditional white temple located in the hills, for some insane views of the nearby volcano Mt Ugang.


travel the real world

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