How well you know The Emerald City, Sydney?

Explore something unexplored with the local people of Sydney and make your travel worthy!

What you know about Sydney is everybody knows. But what the localites of Sydney know about it, nobody knows!

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let's take a local walk to Sydney

explore something unexplored with the local people of Sydney



Kayaking under Harbour Bridge

No doubt you know the Harbour Bridge of very well, but kayaking under harbour bridge gives you a tremendous view of the city and satisfying experience.

Do experience it to make your Sydney trip worthy! And stay away from cheaters over there. Some vendors may charge you a huge amount.

There are people from Sydney on localites who offers delighted stay, experiences, and foods to travelers who want to experience the true essence in Sydney.



Fish Market

It's completely an incomeplete trip if you love seafood and haven't been to the fish market of Sydney.

If you love seafood and you adore markets, then Sydney Fish Market is the place for you. The largest seafood market in town, this fun market place offers seafood, deli items, wine & baked goods, plus restaurants galore

You will see a lot of stalls over there, but for where-to-eat issues, make sure to get the help from a localite who goes here and there frequently.



Museum of Human Disease

If you are into pathology, The Museum of Human Disease has your back, literally. Home to Australia’s only publicly accessible pathology exhibits, this museum provides real information about human health and disease with real specimens.

Entry costs approximately $10 per adult and $5 for a child. Due to the sensitive and tangible nature of the exhibits, please consider this museum’s suitability for your children.

Why not to visit? Atleast we should be aware human diseases, right?



Celebrate Australia Day

It is similar to Independence Day, held on January 26th, when friends get together and tune into a radio station called, Triple J, as they play a countdown of the top 100 songs in Australia from the last year.

Let's hear stories and share stories because stories have the power of changing the world. Get in touch with a localite from Sydney who can take you to the real tribal people and make your trip worthy.



Cabramatta Moon Festival

Just don't miss it, if you are traveling to Sydney around this festival.

Tens of thousands attend this annual Asian cultural festival in Cabramatta's CBD with gourmet food vendors, live entertainment, rides & an evening fireworks show.

More than 90,000 people packed Cabramatta’s Freedom Plaza and surrounds to celebrate the traditional harvest festival as well as the amazing colour and spirit of Australia’s largest South East Asian community.


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