How well you know this city of future, Singapore?

The future of a country is not about big buildings or great technologies or infrastructure. It depends on how that country is nourishing kids today!

What you know about Singapore is everybody knows. But what the localites of Singapore know about it, nobody knows!

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let's take a local walk to Singapore

explore something unexplored with the local people of Singapore



A walk into the trees

There's no doubt that you don't have any idea of what to visit in Singapore. You already know everything or Google might help you in that. But have wondered ever while thinking about that you shoud take a relaxing walk into the trees and let your children have fun walking across tightropes and clamber? That's what traveling to us is all about.

The way you nourish kids today decides the tomorrow!

localites is not about what to visit in a city or country. This community is all about how to visit or how to explore something which stays with you for forever.



Visit farms

Take a break from the shopping malls and spend a leisurely day exploring Kranji Countryside and its many farms instead. Some of the farms are open for touring and sale of fresh produce; drink some fresh goat’s milk at Hay Dairies, learn about frog farming at Jurong Frog Farm or see how prized koi fish are raised at Hausmann Aquarium.

Get in touch with people from the localites community and get to know the best farms to spend some quality time with your family or friends.



Explore art in the streets

Look out for public art sculptures by renowned local and international artists as you tour the sights. Most of the sculptures are located in downtown Singapore. Keep an eye out for cool murals all around the island – many of the local housing estates feature unique murals on their walls, and while Singapore is renowned for its strict laws against graffiti and vandalism, there is also small thriving street art scene.

Travel loosely, but spend wisely!

Ask a localite where to find the best art in the streets of Singapore.



Meet local theater artists

This world will become boring if there were not different kinds of humans. We all are humans, but with some uniqueness and pattern of living our lives.

Let's hear stories and share stories because stories have the power of changing the world. Get in touch with a localite from Singapore who can take you to the local artists and make your trip worthy.



Eat like a localite

Eating cheap local street food should be a part of any Singaporean itinerary. But rather than frequent popular tourist hawker centres like Lau Pa Sat and Newton, go check out other local favourites like Old Airport Road, ABC Brickworks and Changi Village instead.

Get in touch with some localites and go on a group dinner together to let yourself enjoy Singapore in a localite's style. They exactly know where and what to eat.


travel the real world

plan your itinerary with a localite and explore something unexplored

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